Hyundai Le Fil Rouge Concept Shows Off New Interior

Hyundai vehicles feature an interior designed for luxury, and many Hyundai models are comparable to much more expensive competitors. Now, the Korean automaker has unveiled a new take on interior design in its new concept. The Hyundai Le Fil Rouge Concept sheds light on what could become the interior of the future.

The Hyundai Le Fil Rouge Concept features a futuristic exterior that’s perfectly matched by its interior design. Instead of an instrument panel made of plastic, the concept car features leather with premium stitching.

Pure styling isn’t all that the new Hyundai concept brings to the automotive industry, though. The all-electric concept model boasts a two-way ventilation system that blows air in and around the tube architecture instead of the traditional induction heating and cooling system.

Hyundai gives a nod to old horse-drawn carriages with wool-covered seats rather than leather. The steering-wheel-mounted buttons sit under fabric for a more comfortable feel.

The Hyundai Le Fil Rouge Concept also revolutionizes manufacturing practices. The instrument panel doesn’t require a robotic arm to be installed. Workers don’t need to bolt it into place either.

In short, the concept car’s low stance, electric powertrain, and futuristic interior create true harmony. A new cascading grille could bring a new signature look to the model.

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