What to Look for in a Used Vehicle

Whether you’re a first-time car buyer or you’ve been burned in the past by being uninformed, you’re likely curious to know what things you should look out for when you buy a used vehicle. Tipton Hyundai in Brownsville, Texas, has put together a list of what you should pay attention to during your next test drive.

  1. Look for Leaks: When you buy a vehicle from a private party, it’s almost impossible to tell what the seller’s true intentions are behind getting rid of their vehicle. If you suspect they’re trying to offload a lemon, look under the vehicle for signs of leaks. Puddles of black, yellow, pink, or green fluid under the vehicle could be a sign something is wrong under the hood.
  • Don’t Skip the Test Drive: Even if you’ve taken a test drive of every Hyundai Elantra in Brownsville, Texas, you should still test drive every car you’re thinking about buying. Take note of any odd noises, dashboard warning lights, or brake issues.
  • Do Research: Many tools exist for buyers in the market for a pre-owned vehicle. You can look up recalls or common problems online before narrowing down which model you want, and you can also view a vehicle history report for a pre-owned vehicle purchased from Tipton Hyundai for a more detailed look at a specific vehicle.

If you’d rather skip the stress, you can visit Tipton Hyundai’s pre-owned lot to browse a carefully selected assortment of high-quality cars and SUVs.

Fun Family Craft Projects for Halloween

If you’re looking for a new way to celebrate Halloween this year, try out some of the following family craft projects. Not only are these fun DIY ideas great for the whole family to do, but they can also leave you with new decorations for your home.

Creative Pumpkins

Rather than cut a face into your pumpkins this year, decorate them with some paint and pom-poms. Each kid can paint a pumpkin in a different color. After they’re done, mix acrylic paint and water together. Cover a craft brush with the mixture, and let your kids tap it above the pumpkins to add pops of color. Once your pumpkins are dry, they can then glue pom-poms in different patterns.

Cat Garland

Create a unique cat garland for your living room by first tracing the shape of a cat face onto colored paper roughly 20 times. Cut out the cat faces, and hole punch their eyes. Pull string lights through the eyes, and then hang up the garland as you please.

Tissue Box Monsters

If you have empty tissue boxes, your kids can turn them into adorable monsters. They can paint the boxes in bright colors, add googly eyes, use pom-poms as hair, and more. This is a chance for your kids to truly get creative.

During the Halloween season, if you need any maintenance or a new family hauler, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Tipton Hyundai in Brownsville, Texas.

Tips for Summer Car Maintenance

With its changing weather, rise in temperature, and increase in drivers on the road, summertime in Texas can be especially brutal on your vehicle. This makes performing a little summer car maintenance essential. From checking tires to topping off fluids, here are a few tips to help you get your vehicle ready for summer.

Once the temperatures start to rise, check the tires. Air pressure increases 1 psi for every 10-degree rise in exterior temperature, which means your tires probably won’t be properly inflated if you haven’t checked them in a while. Proper inflation extends the life of the tires by helping you to avoid excess wear and tear, and it can even improve fuel economy.

Check the oil, hoses, and belts. Oil keeps the engine lubricated and running smoothly, so make sure it’s full. Also watch hoses for any leaking or loose connections, and make sure that the belts are all at a proper tension. You can also visually inspect belts and hoses for cracking and wear. Coolant is especially important in the summer, so if you notice the reservoir is low, see a professional as soon as possible.

You should also have a professional at our service center do an air-conditioning pressure check. If you haven’t had the system recharged in a while, doing so before it gets too hot would be a wise choice. It’s never fun being stuck on a Texas highway without air conditioning, especially in the peak of summer.

Be sure to visit us at Tipton Hyundai for essential summer maintenance on your vehicle!

Bad Car Maintenance Habits Every Driver Should Avoid

Like in all aspects of life, bad habits can be easy to fall into. When it comes to car care, though, bad habits could be doing some serious harm to your car and putting you at risk on the road. Are you guilty of any of these bad car maintenance habits? Check out this list to find out if your car could be in better shape.

Neglecting fluid checks

Most drivers know they are supposed to regularly change their car’s motor oil, but many drivers neglect to monitor and change other important fluids. You should regularly keep an eye on coolant, brake and transmission fluids, as these are all crucial to your vehicle’s overall performance. The good news is, checking up on and replenishing these fluids is easy and inexpensive.

Ignoring failing brakes

If you’ve noticed your car making a grinding or squeaking sound when you apply the brakes, don’t ignore this. This probably means your car’s brakes or brake pads need to be replaced. When dealt with early, this is a quick and easy fix, but putting it off can quickly result in the need for expensive repairs.

Driving with old air filters

Relatively few drivers remember — or even know — to routinely replace their car’s cabin and engine air filters. Since they’re inexpensive, it’s a good idea to change out your car’s air filters a couple times a year or every time you change your car’s oil. Doing so will help keep your engine running smoothly and the interior of your car comfortable.

For all your car maintenance needs, visit Tipton Hyundai.

Things You Should Always Have In Your Car

Is your car prepared for the unlikely? It should be. This list will show you some of the most essential things you should have in your car in case of an emergency.

Jumper Cables

Lots of people keep jumper cable in their car, but you shouldn’t count on someone else to have them when your battery dies. They’re an inexpensive necessity, and may allow you to help someone less prepared in the future.

Jumper cables are one of the things you should have in your carBottled Water and Snacks

If you end up being stranded with a broken down car for a while, you’ll be grateful to have something to fuel your body. Dried fruit, energy bars, and trail mix make for a quick, healthy snack. Bottled water can also be good in other situations, like for cleaning off cuts.

Seat Belt-Cutter/Window Smasher Tool

This tool will be by your side in the worst case scenario, and if that day ever comes you’ll be happy to have it.

Winter Kit

Not only should you have an ice scraper handy if you’re driving in a snowy climate, but you should also pack your car with a couple of sweaters and blankets in case you ever end up stranded on a not-so-sunny day.

Cat Litter

If you find yourself stuck in snow, ice, or mud, this unexpected tool might be a lifesaver. Sprinkle some around your tire for enhanced traction.

Make sure your car is running as well as it should by scheduling a maintenance check at Tipton Hyundai.

Tackle the Open Road like a Pro with these Road Trip Tips

There’s nothing quite like a good road trip. Without proper preparation, though, the road trip you’ve been looking forward to all year can quickly run into trouble. This summer, follow these simple road trip tips and enjoy a drive you’ll never forget.

Get your car in shape

Whether you’ll be gone for a couple days or a few weeks, a road trip can be extra taxing on your vehicle. That’s why it’s important to perform some maintenance on your car before you depart. In particular, be sure to check your tire pressure, alignment and tread, oil and fluid levels, and your battery. Additionally, make sure your air-conditioning system is working properly and pack some emergency items such as bottled water and nonperishable food.

Road trip tipsPlan for the unexpected

As any seasoned road-tripper will affirm, it’s virtually inevitable that something unexpected will pop up while you’re on the road. Whether it’s an unanticipated road closure, a flat tire, or pop-up thunderstorm, it’s a great idea to have a plan B. As you plan your trip, keep in mind alternative routes and backup activities in case something falls through.

Get off the beaten path

The highway might be the quickest route, but it’s not always the most exciting. At some point, consider hopping off the highway to explore the more scenic backroads. Chances are you’ll find the most memorable driving when you get off the beaten path.

Be sure your car is road trip ready by scheduling a maintenance appointment with Tipton Hyundai.

How to Keep Your 2018 New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions
Making and keeping a New Year resolution isn’t easy. Here are a few ways to keep your 2018 New Year Resolutions from your friends at Tipton Hyundai.

Making a New Year resolution isn’t easy, and keeping it isn’t any easier. Fortunately, achieving your 2018 goal is possible if you take the right steps. Here are a few ways to keep your 2018 New Year Resolutions from your friends at Tipton Hyundai.

Start small

Launching a full scale assault on your resolution, whether you want to stop smoking or become more social, increases the odds of failure. Instead, create a concrete plan to achieve your New Year resolution. After all, you have all year. Start small and take each step slowly to push yourself across the finish line.

Talk to others

Whether your goal is to lose weight or kick a bad habit, one of the best ways to achieve your goal is to talk to others about it. Talk to family and friends about your resolution or join a support group, like a workout class. Doing so will encourage you to fully commit yourself to achieving your 2018 New Year resolution.

Ask for help

One thing many people don’t like to do is ask for help with their New Year resolution. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help now and then, and a major life change will likely require support from others. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by your 2018 New Year resolution will only increase the odds of failure. If you need help, ask a close friend or family member.

From all of us at Tipton Hyundai, we hope you have a productive and healthy start to the new year.

Tuesday Is Ladies Day at Tipton Hyundai

At Tipton Hyundai, we love to show our appreciation to our customers. That is why every Tuesday is Ladies Day at Tipton Hyundai.

Ladies Day Service Special

For just $29.95, our Hyundai Service Lane will give your car an oil and filter change, a multi-point inspection, a fluid top-off, and a thorough exterior wash. You can pick up your car knowing it’s been well-cared for, and you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a newer vehicle.

By getting regular oil changes, you can help prolong the life of your car. Your car’s oil helps keep everything cool and lubricated in the engine. It also helps clean out sludge and other particles from your engine. Clean oil can also maintain your car’s excellent fuel efficiency.

Your vehicle’s oil change needs depends on the model, so consult your owner’s manual for a more specific maintenance schedule. The industry standard for oil changes has long been every three months or 3,000 miles. However, your Hyundai may not need an oil change that often.

If your car is having problems, or if you’re just ready for your regular maintenance visit, schedule a Tuesday appointment at Tipton Hyundai to take advantage of our Ladies Day special.